7 Jul


To be valid for the S.S.N. the prescription of thermal treatments is critical that the recipe mutual carry-overs, in addition to the therapeutic performance, diagnose accurately expressed although simplified. Therefore, considering the care that the Terme di Acqui are in agreement with the S.S.N.,

  • for: SLUDGE CYCLE WITH THERAPEUTIC BATHS or CYCLE OF BATHS THERAPEUTIC may suffice, for both, as a diagnosis: osteoarthritis or extra-articular rheumatism;
  • for: CYCLE OF INHALATION TREATMENTS enough that the diagnosis of ENT or pneumological relevance is expressly reported as a “chronic” (example: chronic pharyngolaryngitis, chronic sinusitis, etc.) excluding the indications asthmatic forms and severe emphysema (specify!) . And ‘acceptable diagnosis of vasomotor rhinopathy;
  • for: CYCLE OF CARE FOR DEAFNESS RHINOGENOUS is likewise necessary to “chronic” associate with the natural diagnosis of catarrhal otitis. And ‘acceptable diagnosis of tubal stenosis;
  • for: CYCLE OF INTEGRATED PULMONARY VENTILATIONS apply the advice given at the inhalation treatments and diagnostics are enough indications of chronic bronchitis or B.P.C.O. (Bron-chronic obstructive copneumopatia);
  • for: VAGINAL IRRIGATION indicate “chronic vaginitis” diagnosis;
  • for: VAGINAL IRRIGATION WITH BATH indicate the diagnosis “chronic adnexitis”;
  • for: CYCLE OF CARE FOR PERIPHERAL VASCULAR is elective indication “of chronic venous disease sequelae.”